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OMG indicated that it would release all of White's future DVDs and CDs. Busted in Des Moines (1990) (CD)
Drunk in Public (2003) (CD)
They Call Me "Tater Salad" (2004) (DVD)
You Can't Fix Stupid (2006) (DVD & CD)
Ron White: Behavioral Problems (2009) (DVD & CD)
A Little Unprofessional (2012) (DVD)
He has appeared on the following compilation albums:
Redneck Comedy Roundup (2005)
Comedy Central Presents Southern Gents of Comedy (2006)
Ron White Jeff Foxworthy & Bill Engvall: Live from Las Vegas (2004)
Redneck Kings of Comedy (2005)

Discography. He lived in Mexico for a brief period and bought a pottery factory there before returning to America to pursue comedy.