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Polyphonie X (1951)
Structures Livres I et II (2 pianos 1952 and 1961 respectively)
Le marteau sans maître (alto alto flute guitar vibraphone xylorimba percussion and viola 1953–55)
Piano Sonata No. According to Scott Burnham in the so-called Darmstadt School composers were instrumental in creating a style that for a time existed as an "antidote" to music of nationalist fervor; an international even cosmopolitan style a style that could not be 'co-opted' as propaganda in the way that the Nazis used for example the music of Ludwig van Beethoven. )
Répons (two pianos harp vibraphone glockenspiel cimbalom orchestra and electronics 1980–84)
Dialogue de l'ombre double (for clarinet and electronics 1982–85)
Dérive 1 (for six instruments 1984)
Dérive 2 (for eleven instruments 1988–2006)
…explosante-fixe… (first version for flute clarinet and trumpet 1972; second version for octet and electronics 1973–74; third version for vibraphone and electronics 1985; fourth version for MIDI-flute chamber orchestra and electronics 1991–93)
Sur Incises (3 pianos 3 harps and 3 percussion parts 1996–98)
Dialogue de l'ombre double (transcribed for bassoon and electronics 1985/1995)
Anthèmes 2 (violin and electronics 1998)
Une page d'éphéméride (piano 2005)


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lɛːz]; born 26 March 1925) is a French composer a conductor and a pianist.