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Sir Frank wanted Kerry to experience work in the Newspaper Industry from the ground up so Packer started in the loading dock of the Sydney newspaper The Telegraph loading papers. Controversy
Packer was often the centre of controversy. In June 2009 the Sydney Morning Herald reported that former Federal Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull – a former legal adviser and business associate of Packer – revealed to journalist Annabel Crabb that Packer had threatened to have him killed when they fell out over their 1991 attempt to take over the Fairfax newspaper group through their Tourang consortium.

Packer was known for his abrasive personality his wealth his lavish gambling habits his expansive business empire and his claKerry Packers with the Australian Taxation Office and the Costigan Royal Commission. The son of Sir Frank Packer and Gretel Bullmore the Packer family company owned controlling interest in both the Nine television network and leading Australian publishing company Australian Consolidated Press which were later merged to form Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL). In 2004 Business Review Weekly magazine estimated Packer's net worth at A$6.