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While in Dallas Texas where the insurance company he worked for was based he conversed with the presidential candidate John F. There he has future comedian Michael Palin as schoolmate. The label released 27 albums by 18 different artists before folding in 1972.

Another popular feature of his shows was the annual Festive Fifty countdown of his listeners' favourite records of the year. He was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock records on British radio and he is widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres including pop reggae indie pop indie rock alternative rock punk hardcore punk breakcore grindcore death metal British hip hop electronic music and dance music. Peel's Radio 1 shows were notable for the regular "Peel sessions" which usually consisted of four songs recorded by an artist live in the BBC's studios and which often provided the first major national coverage to bands that later would achieve great fame.