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Ace wrote one screenplay I Married a Woman in 1957. Sometimes they were gentle; sometimes they were more tart always they were without genuine malice. At first he focused—in what a publiGoodman Acer described (considering his parallel employment writing for television) as "nibbling the hand that feeds him"—on television criticism in his usual droll style; a collection of this criticism was publiGoodman Aced in 1955 as The Book of Little Knowledge: More Than You Want to Know About Television.

"Goody" (as he was known to friends) is not always the most recognisable writer/performer of his era by today's reader or listener but his low-keyed literate drollery and softly tart way of tweaking trends and pretenses made him one of the most sought-after writers in radio and television after he turned his attention to writing alone. Ace's broadcasting career happened by accident after one night of bridge and a following night of absenteeism by the show that followed his wry movie reviews on a Kansas City radio station.